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  • 2021-07-27

People in different regions have different preferences for the same product.Today we will introduce you 4 types water dispensers people like.

North American people like black and stainless steel body. This kind of water dispenser looks higher-end and durable. For the function, they like bottle bottom loaded model, which is more convenient of changing bottle.

black and stainless steel body water dispenser

European people like round and slim design. The style of the machine is coming from the spirit of European Noble, which is very elegant.

elegant water dispenser

Africa People like silver color water dispenser. The machine can use for many years and no color fading. And the water tap can be easily changed, which is better for maintenance.

silver color water dispenser

Asia people like white body and slim design. The taste is a little bit similar with Asia taste of feminine beauty. They like slim body and white skin.

 slim body and white skin water dispenser

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