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  • 2021-07-27

The filter element of water purifier is generally KDF and activated carbon. The filter element is to make the polluted water clean to the state required by production and life, that is, to make the water reach a certain degree of cleanliness.Remove solid particles from water, kill bacteria and filter out harmful chemicals.

Compressed and bulk activated carbon filter elements.

  1. Compressed activated carbon filter element adopts high adsorption value of activated carbon of coal and activated carbon of coconut shell as filter material, and is sintered and compressed by food-grade adhesive.A layer of non-woven cloth with filtering function is wrapped inside and outside the compressed activated carbon filter element to ensure that the carbon core itself will not drop the carbon powder. The two ends of the carbon core are equipped with soft buqing rubber sealing pads, so that the carbon core can be loaded into the filter tube with good sealing performance.
  2. The bulk activated carbon filter core shall load the required activated carbon particles into a special plastic shell, and the end cover shall be welded to the two end surfaces of the shell with the welding equipment. The two ends of the shell shall be put into non-woven cloth filter plates for filtering purpose respectively, so as to ensure that the carbon powder and black water will not drop when the carbon core is used.According to the needs of customers, the shell end cover can be made into different types of connection ports.Interface methods are: flat pressure type, pipeline type.

Folded PP filter element

PP core is also called PP melt jet filter core. The melt jet filter core is made of polypropylene ultra-fine fiber hot melt entanglement. The fiber randomly forms three-dimensional micropore structure in space.The precision range of the filter element is 0.5-100 centile m, and its flux is more than 1.5 times of the same precision of the filter element of peak chamber. Different types of end cover joints can be configured to meet the needs of various engineering installations.

Folding ceramic filter element

Ceramic filter element is a new type of environmental protection filter element.The average aperture of the filter is only 0.1 centile.

The purpose of the ceramic filter element is to remove the solid particles in the pharmaceutical liquid, plating liquid and tap water, and to remove the organic impurities in the liquid.When filtering, the solution is driven by the pump and flows through the filter tube and filter element. The particles are separated from the filter element, and the filtered solution is then returned to the plating tank or the solution cylinder through the core tube.It is true that filter paper can also remove particles, but it is different from filter paper. The filter paper is separated from particles by the surface, while the filter residue of filter paper is hidden between the yarn, and its surface area is much larger than that of filter paper.

Folding resin filter element

Resin is a porous, insoluble exchange material.There are millions of tiny resin balls (beads) in the filter element of the water softener, all of which contain many negative charge exchange positions absorbing positive ions.When the resin is in its new state?These charge exchange positions are occupied by positively charged sodium ions.When calcium and magnesium pass through the resin tank, they come into contact with the resin beads, replacing the sodium ions at the exchange position.Resin preferentially combines with high charge cations, calcium and magnesium ions have higher charge than sodium ions.Instead of sodium cation, it goes down through the resin “bed” and out of the water softener, and the water softener sends out the “soft” water.Finally, all the resin exchange positions are occupied by calcium and magnesium, and no longer work.

It is commonly used as the filter element of the water softener. After filtration, it can pass the reagent of resin (soft water salt).Commonly used with time and flow regeneration;At present, the most advanced water softener in the world is Germany, which adopts time/flow dual-program control technology to effectively reduce the consumption of water consumption and resins reagents and save energy.

Titanium rod filter

The titanium rod filter element has excellent properties of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, easy filtration precision and easy regeneration.Titanium filter element is made of titanium powder through forming and sintering at high temperature.In the use of air temperature can reach 500 ~ 500 ℃;It is suitable for filtering various corrosive media, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydroxide, sea water, royal water, iron, copper, sodium and other chloride solutions.

Improve the degree of water activation, more conducive to human absorption of water, protect human health, promote human metabolism.This material is used to make the KDF filter element.This filter element is one of the best used in a water purifier.

Folded nanofiltration membrane

Nanofiltration membrane is a functional semi-permeable membrane that allows solvent molecules or certain low molecular weight solutes or low molecular weight ions to pass through.It is a special and promising separation membrane variety, which is named for its ability to retain the size of nanometer substance. Its molecular weight of organic matter is about 150-500, and its ability to retain dissolved salt is between 2-98%. The desalination of monovalent anionic salt solution is lower than that of high-priced anionic salt solution.It is used to remove the organic matter and chromaticity of surface water, remove the hardness of groundwater, partially remove dissolved salt, concentrate juice and other useful substances in separating medicine.

Folded hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is a kind of ultrafiltration membrane.It is the most mature and advanced ultrafiltration technology.Hollow fiber outer diameter :0.5-2.0mm, inner diameter :0.3-1.4mm, the wall of hollow fiber tube is full of microholes, the pore diameter is expressed by the molecular weight of the material that can be trapped, and the molecular weight can reach thousands to hundreds of thousands.The pressurized flow of raw water in the outer or inner cavity of hollow fiber constitutes the external pressure type and the internal pressure type respectively.Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process. The trapped material can be removed with concentration, without blocking the membrane surface and running continuously for a long time.Ultrafiltration membrane is one of the earliest polymer separation membranes developed.

Fold RO reverse osmosis membrane

RO Reverse Osmosis membrane, RO is English Reverse Osmosis be abbreviated, Chinese meaning is: Reverse Osmosis (RO), the general water flow mode is from low concentration to high concentration, once the water pressure, flow by high concentration to low concentration, that is, the so-called Reverse Osmosis principle: as a result of the RO membrane pore size is five over one million of a human hair (0.0001 microns), generally the naked eye cannot see, bacteria, viruses, is it 5000 times, therefore, only water molecules and some beneficial mineral ions can pass,Other impurities and heavy metals are discharged from the waste water pipe, and all desalination of sea water, as well as the recovery and treatment of astronaut waste water, so the RO membrane is also called high-tech artificial kidney in vitro.

Matters needing attention

  1. To ensure that the products of the water purifier meet the needs of customers, the installation personnel shall ensure that the water quality, water inlet pressure, water inlet flow and water temperature of the water purifier meet the requirements in the performance parameter list of the product.If the water quality is not municipal water, a pre-filter device should be added in front of the water purifier.If the water inlet pressure is too high (more than 3kg), the pressure relief valve should be installed in front of the water purifier.If the inlet pressure is too small (less than 1 kg), a booster pump should be installed in front of the water purifier.When the water purifier needs to be installed in front of the hot temperature device such as the water heater, the installation position of the water purifier should be lower than that of the water purifier to prevent the steam from entering the water purifier and damage the filter element of the water purifier.
  2. All pipes, joints, faucets and other water-related accessories on the water purifier shall meet the national hygiene standards.
  3. Do not install outside in northern areas to prevent frostbite ultrafilter elements and direct sunlight.
  4. When tightening the threaded joint during installation, do not exert too much force to prevent the thread sliding teeth of the joint.

Attention to joint installation of multi-way valve products:

  1. Appropriate amount of wrapping tape (also known as water adhesive cloth) should be wrapped on the external teeth to prevent water leakage or cracking.
  2. When installing o-shaped sealing ring, check whether the sealing ring is damaged, twisted, etc.
  3. The external teeth should not be tightened with too much force, otherwise, it may cause thread sliding teeth.

Folding installation steps

  1. Check the inlet pressure.
  2. Install the water purification tap (optional).
  3. Connect the water inlet, water purification port and sewage outlet pipes.
  4. The water purifier is fixed.
  5. After installation, test the use of water purifier and connect the pipeline.

Three ways to connect the water purifier outlet when installed in the cabinet:

  1. Drill another hole on the counter surface, and install a 4-point tap to connect to the sewage outlet of the water purifier product.
  2. Do not drill holes on the counter surface, replace the original faucet with 2 special faucet, 2 branch pipes are connected to the purifying water outlet of the purifier, and 4 branch pipes are connected to the sewage outlet of the purifier.
  3. Do not drill holes on the cabinet table, install a ball valve at the sewage outlet of the water purifier, or guide the sewage outlet to the sewage pipe.

Use of folding water purifiers

First use:

Prior to the first use of the water purifier, the following steps should be strictly followed for washing, otherwise it will affect the performance of the water purifier and the water quality of the water purifier in the early stage.

Before the first use, the purifier should be rinsed to flush out the protective liquid in the purifier. The method is as follows:

  1. Turn on the tap water tap, the tap water inlet ball valve and the purification tap, and rinse for 15 minutes until the water is clear and frothy.Frequent switching of tap water taps (3 seconds off, 10 seconds on) during the washing process causes the water to form a pulsating impact, which will make the washing effect better.
  2. Turn off the sewage faucet and turn on the purification faucet. After 5 minutes of water production, it can be used normally.

Daily use:

  1. Regular flush: during the process of fetching water from the tap water tap in daily use, the water purifier is washed in a smooth way. It is recommended to open the tap water tap after the use of purified water, wash the retained pollutants away in time, and keep the high water flux of the purifier, thus extending the service life.
  2. Backwash recovery of water yield: if the water yield of the purifier is relatively small after the downwash, the backwash of the purifier can be considered.

Note for folding:

  1. After using the water purifier, the filter element of the ultrafiltration membrane shall be kept in a moist state.If the filter element of ultrafiltration membrane dries, the water yield will decrease sharply and cannot be recovered.
  2. No water purifier shall be used for more than three days, and the water purifier shall be repeatedly washed down for 2-5 minutes when it is used again, until the water storage in the purifier is exhausted.
  3. When the tap water is out of use, please first turn on the sewage tap to drain the sediment and rust in the tap water pipe, and then turn on the purification tap to use clean water.
  4. The total amount of water produced by the purifier is related to the water quality of the purifier. If the water quality of the purifier is good, the total amount of water produced will increase; if the water quality of the purifier is bad, the total amount of water produced will decrease, and the service life of the filter element will be slightly shorter.
  5. When using the water purifier, the water purifier is often washed, which can effectively extend the service life of the purifier.
  6. If the water purifier is used for a long time, its water yield will gradually decrease, but the water quality is still qualified and can be used safely.
  7. When the water purifier fails, please immediately close the water inlet valve of tap water and cut off the water inlet of the purifier.

Replace the filter element of the folding water purifier

In general (when municipal tap water is used as raw water), the service life of ultrafiltration membrane filter element is more than 3 years.The replacement of the filter element can be carried out according to the time.

Due to the different water quality conditions in different places, if the user finds that the water yield of the purifier is gradually reduced during the use of the purifier, after repeated backwashing, the water yield cannot meet the requirements for use, and the taste of water production is obviously poor, it is necessary to replace the filter element of the ultrafiltration membrane.

When does the filter element of the folding water purifier need to be replaced

With the aggravation of water pollution, water purifiers have now entered many ordinary households.Drinking water has been purified in many homes, but now there is a problem. Many families have some problems with water purifiers because they do not grasp the time to change the filter element or forget to change the filter element.We all know that the most important part of the water purifier is the filter element, and the life of the filter element of different water purifiers is also different.

According to the summary, the filter element of the traditional water purifier needs to be replaced when the following situations occur.

I. water output

When the water discharge rate of the water purifier is small, it cannot meet the normal needs.This indicates that the filter element is blocked, and the filter element should be cleaned to restore normal flow, or when the flow rate after cleaning is still small and cannot meet people’s normal demand.

Second, the taste

When the outlet taste of water purifier decreases, the taste is similar to that of tap water, that is, the chlorine taste of tap water cannot be removed, indicating that the activated carbon filter element of water purifier has been adsorbed and saturated, and activated carbon has failed. At this point, the filter element of water purifier should be replaced.

  1. Service life

The life of the reverse osmosis filter element of the water purifier is generally one to two years. If the filter element of the water purifier is used for more than two years, the filter element should be replaced in most cases.Moreover, if the frequency of replacing the filter element or the difference between them is very long, the purifying effect of the water purifier will not meet our expectation, which is also harmful for the water purifier.

Edit this paragraph by folding

Filter element replacement cycle of folding water purifier

With the rise of water purifier (water purifier) market and hot, water purifier (water purifier) has gradually become a necessary household water appliance. Consumers have such doubts that the filter element of water purifier belongs to consumables.Nowadays, water purifier industry is in rapid growth, many water purifier brand on the market, water purifiers variety, wide variety, different water purifier filter technology and the structure is different, but in general, now most commonly used water purifier filter core is divided into the following kinds, as well as the water purifier filter element change how long a time, summarized as follows: water purifier (water machine), the service life of the filter element name

  1. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane (UF) filter element is 3 years or more
  2. Reverse osmosis film (RO) filter element is about 3 years old
  3. The filter element of coconut shell activated carbon was cleaned with fine particles for six months to one year
  4. The filter element of block sintered activated carbon (CTO) is six months to one year
  5. PP cotton filter core 3-6 months
  6. KDF filter element 2-3 years
  7. The filter element of wheat meal stone (electrical stone) is six months to one year
  8. Ceramic filter element is six months to one year
  9. Far-infrared mineralized ball filter core is about one year
  10. The rear activated carbon (small T33, large T33) filter element is about one year
  11. Negative ion energy ball filter element is half a year to one year
  12. Soften the filter element for about half a year
  13. Magnetized filter element is six months to one year
  14. Silica and phosphorus fine filter element 2-3 years
  15. Quartz sand filter element 1–2
  16. Manganese sand filter element (FF) is six months to one year

In general, different filtering process and filter water purification technology characteristics and service life have different functions, water purifiers, water purification machines) filter element belongs to consumable materials, has the certain service life and the actual service life also depends on local water quality condition and the use of the frequency and quantity, often wash is helpful to extend the service life of water purifier filter core.

It is easy to mistake the use of filter element of water purifier:

Filter element is the main component of water purifier, we want to know what brand of water purifier is good, we need to see the quality of filter element first.A good filter can cost hundreds of dollars and may feel expensive for the average household.So, some people might ask: is there a water purifier that doesn’t have to be replaced?

The filter element of water purifier must be replaced. There is no water purifier without the filter element.Just, different filter element, change time is different just.Today, some of the filters on the market claim that they won’t be replaced for 5 years.

Generally, domestic water purifier adopts RO reverse osmosis membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, PP cotton filter element, activated carbon filter element, etc.Among them, PP cotton filter element and activated carbon filter element with fine filtration should be replaced within 3 to 6 months.RO reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane, which play a core role, can be used for two to three years.

In addition, the quality of inlet water quality of water purifier and the use frequency of water purifier will influence the life of filter element.

Why should the water purifier be replaced?That’s because the filter element of the water purifier isolates the impurities from the water and releases clean water. The impurities blocked by the filter element cannot be thoroughly washed after washing.Actually, the water purifier that can be blocked is a good water purifier, that is, a good filter element, proving that it works.

So, is there a water purifier without changing the filter element?The answer is: no.However, we also don’t think that filter element is expensive, so we don’t buy water purifier. We buy water purifier in order to use good water for drinking and cooking soup.

Folding and changing attention

\1. Check the length of the filter core: compare the length of the old and new filter cores. If the length of the new filter core is insufficient, it can be solved by adding rubber pads.The rubber pad can be removed from the top of the old filter

\2. When installing the filter center in the home reverse osmosis pure water machine, attention should be paid to correct the filter center, especially PP is easy to deviate. When you screw the filter bottle, you should feel it by hand.Little T33 is marked with the direction of water flow.

\3. After installing the filter core of purifying water machine parts, it can only be connected to the system of the later stage after washing. When washing, disconnect the pipe connected to the next stage, open the water inlet ball valve, and then rinse for at least 5 minutes.

\4. The use time of the filter center depends on the water quality. In general, it is 6-8 months. PP can be cleaned and used.Preferably no more than one year.

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