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  • 2021-07-27

Do You Always Drink Water?

It’s time to drink water!


Drinking water is the way life is consumed through the mouth, and the body consumes about 2 litres of fluid through the mouth every day. Water is mainly absorbed in the small intestine, after entering the human body, water is mainly used to replenish intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid, participate in various physiological activities of the human body, therefore, drinking water is an important part of maintaining the metabolism of life.

Physiologic Function

\1. Help with digestion: We eat the food in the mouth, after the tooth chewing and saliva wetting, from the esophagus to the gastrointestinal, complete digestion and absorption of the digestion process, these links are to participate in water, accelerate the dissolution of body fluids to nutrients.

\2. Excretion of waste: food nutrition digestion and absorption of the remaining residue waste, through sweating, breathing and excretion of the way out of the body, these different excretion methods need the help of water to achieve.

\3. Balance of body temperature: When the ambient temperature is lower than the body temperature, in order to maintain the body temperature to ensure normal physiological activities, the body moisture will be reduced by reducing the pore evaporation and retention in the body, the ambient temperature is higher than the body temperature, water will be through the expansion of the capillary breathing hole out of the body, lower body temperature. The body guarantees the function of survival through the dispersion of water.



Water is not only the main component of the body, but also has many physiological functions, mainly divided into two kinds of free water and combined water. The solubility of water is very strong, many substances can be dissolved in water, and dissociation to the Ionic state, play an important role. On the one hand can transport oxygen, nutrients, hormones, etc., the side can be through stool, urine, sweating the metabolites and toxic substances excreted. Water is also the body’s own lubricant, such as skin moisturizing and tears, saliva, joint sac and serous cavity are the corresponding organs of the lubricant.

Actually, it’s a good habit to dink water, and you can consider to buy a water dispenser if you want to have a convenient way to drink. You can contact us in any time.

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