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  • 2021-07-27


Drinking water refers to water that can be supplied without treatment or directly to the human body for drinking. Water is the main component of body fluids and is an important substance that makes up cells, tissue fluids, plasma, etc. Water, as a medium for all chemical reactions in the body, is a platform for the transport of various nutrients and substances.


As a matter of fact, according to its own hardness, water is divided into two types, soft and hard. The hardness of water refers to the content of salts dissolved in water, that is, the content of calcium salt and magnesium salt, the hardness unit is ppm,1ppm represents calcium carbonate content in water 1 mg/L (mg/l). Less than 142 of the water is called soft water, and more than 285ppm is called hard hard, between the 142~285 and the other known as moderate hard. Rain, snow water are soft water, water, river, lake, belong to the moderate hard.


Water is not only the main ingredient that makes up the body, but also has many physiological functions. The solubility of water is very strong, Xu many substances can be dissolved in water, and dissociation to the Ionic state, play an important role. Water-insoluble egg self-quality and fat can be suspended in the water to form colloids or emulsions, easy to digest, absorb and use; water in the human body directly participate in redox reaction, promote a variety of physiological and biochemical reactions; without water can not maintain blood circulation, breathing, digestion, absorption, secretion, discharge and other physiological activities. Metabolism in the body is also not possible; the heat of the water is large and can regulate body temperature and remain constant.

Actually, drinking water is the necessity in our daily life. We also can use the water dispenser which is convenient and fast. If you have any question, please contact us.

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