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  • 2021-07-27

Most Hot/Cold Water dispensers have a electricheating coil that will very rapidly heat the water that flows through it. … The water is preheated in a special separate container and stays there at nearlyboiling temperature. That’s why it takes no time at all when you press the “hot” water tap.

Specifically we noticed that when the water bottle was empty, the dispenser wouldn’t dispense any water, hot or cold, but after replacing the water bottle with a new one, the dispenser was immediately able to dispense boiling hot water. That was interesting.

The Theory

When the water dispenser is plugged in, press the power switch, 220V exchange power through the power fuse tube, heating the thermostat normally closed contact and then add to the electric heating tube, the heating indicator light is on, the electric heating tube is hot, so the water temperature in the hot water tank. When the water temperature in the hot water tank rises back to 95 °C, the heating thermostat contacts are disconnected, the power supply circuit is blocked, the heating indicator light is burned, and the heating tube loses power and ends the fever. At this point, the water dispenser enters the heat preservation condition.

When the water temperature drops to 85 °C, the thermostat contacts close, the heating circuit power is turned on, the heating indicator lights up, and the heating tube restarts heating. Repeat the above process to keep the water temperature in the hot water tank of the dispenser always between 85 and 95 °C.

et’s take a simple example: The warm water dispenser circuit is a double protection component. When the water dispenser is over temperature or short circuit fault occurs, the overheating fuse automatic melting or manual reset thermostat automatically disconnects the heating circuit power supply to protect the water.

The over-temperature fuse is a one-time thermal protection component, which cannot be reset. After the fault is removed, replace the new over-temperature fuse according to the original model specification, and then manually reset the reset button of the thermostat by hand, and the contact can be closed again.

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