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  • 2021-07-27

Most water dispensers typically use the same simple concept: deliver water from a source through a tap or spigot, usually using a button or knob for users to dispense the water.

However simple the concept, how a dispenser works depends on the type of dispenser. There are different types of water dispensers:

Mounted Water Dispensers: Mounted Water Dispensers are commonly referred to as water fountains. They are found in public places such as theme parks or boardwalks, in parks, or in large office buildings.

The dispenser mounts to a wall, or can be freestanding on the ground, and taps water from an existing water line.

The water is dispensed by the user by turning a knob or pressing a button, which sends a stream of water until the knob or button is released. The water is sent in an arched formation to make drinking easy.

Typically a water fountain is not used to fill cups, but rather to take a quick drink from the receptacle.

Mounted water dispensers are usually tapped into the municipal water supply which means the water is not usually cooled, heated, treated or filtered. So on cold days, the water is cold and on warm days the water is warm.

However, some water fountains, like that in large cooperation’s, office buildings, or in places that have electricity available, do have water coolers inside to cool the drinking water prior to dispensing it.

Then is the bottled dispensers: Bottled water dispensers are commonly referred to water dispenser.

The bottled water dispenser has many of the same components as a point of use dispenser, as they contain many similarities and are built the same way. Although, there are simple bottled water dispensers that do not have any cooling or heating options. Typically, a bottle water dispenser have the following parts:

A tank – to store the water to be heated or cooled prior to dispensing.

A water heater- to heat the water

A refrigerating system- to cool the water.

A tap or spigot- to release water

A button or knob- for users to dispense water

A collar- which holds the water bottle in a downward position, and allows water to channel into the tank.

Electricity is required if the dispenser has the option to cool and heat water.

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