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  • 2021-07-27

What’s the Market Research of Water Dispenser?

With the development of people’s standard of living, more and more people become to pay attention to the health, especially to the drinking water.

Market Characteristics

Nowadays, the drinking water machine market has basically formed a mixed situation. What’s more, from the point of view of market consumption, the survey results show that water dispensers with middle and low prices are the most attractive. 75% of potential buyers intend to purchase water dispensers at the price of 101 yuan to 300 yuan in the future, while products with more than 500 yuan attract a small number of high-end users. Actually, drinking machine industry has entered the all-round competition of price, appearance, quality, performance, function and service with the formation of buyer’s market and the change of consumer’s, consumption concept. For consumers, they are more concerned about the immediate purchase cost, but less about the use cost. Because there is no demand for energy-saving products in the market, the research and development power of manufacturers will not be great, making the industry’s awareness of energy-saving is very weak, only a few well-known brands launched energy-saving products, energy-saving water dispensers in the industry is still relatively small.

Industrial Pattern

The way for enterprises to increase the price of products is to add additional functions to the water dispenser, so that the water dispenser not only has the ordinary heating function, but also adds the functions of water treatment, sterilization, anti-bacterial and wash-free health drinking water to the water dispenser by adding device improvement technology. In addition, it also adds humanized design such as external heating, warm boiling water and so on. For these ideas and innovations that businesses spend on water dispensers, some consumers feel very practical, but many consumers think that similar new functions look fresh, whether practical or not depends on the market test. Some distributors of water dispensers also said that adding additional functions is a strategy that many manufacturers like to adopt. Some new functions may not necessarily increase the cost of R&D, but the price can be raised a lot.

In fact, the market research always has a little different with the time, we should pay attention to it all the time.

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