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  • 2021-07-27

In our daily life, we will drink water everyday. Moreover, we often use the water dispenser in office. It’s so common that few people will really know the water dispenser. Today, let’s know more about the water dispenser.


The water dispenser rising in the 90 ‘s, and the heat in the field of small household appliances with the improvement of the quality of living standards in the Chinese people has climbed year by year. Water dispenser by definition is to solve people’s drinking water problems and the birth of household products. As a result of improving people’s drinking water quality and life taste and become a fashion popular with the Chinese. The original drinking machine was a household product for drinking bottled water, which was divided into two categories: vertical and desktop. In order to satisfy the drinking habits of Chinese people, the function of water dispenser has realized the effect of heating and refrigeration. The barreled purified water in this stage plays a key role in the birth and development of the drinking machine.

How It Works

1.Warm type water dispenser

When the warm and hot water dispenser is in use, press the heating switch, and the power supply will provide power for the “heat preservation” indicator light and make the power on. At the same time, the power supply is divided into two ways: one is the heating circuit, the other is the heating indication for the “heating” indicator lamp.

2.Hot and cold water dispenser

When the semiconductor direct-cooled water cooler is used, the direct-cooled water cooler provides room temperature water from the water tank, and the inlet water is divided into two ways: one way into the cold tank, the other way into the hot tank, through the heating out of hot water.

3.Compressed Refrigeration Water Dispenser

When the refrigeration switch of the compressor is pressed, the refrigerating green indicator lights are on, the compressor starts to run, the refrigerant steam from the evaporator is sucked back, and then compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, which is sent to the condenser. The condenser condenses into a high-pressure liquid in the outside air, and then flows into the evaporator through capillary throttling and depressurization. The cooling tank heat is absorbed into the evaporator, and the water temperature is lowered and then sucked back by the compressor.

4.Air-cooled refrigeration water dispenser

Air cooling is one of the cooling methods, that is, air is used as a medium to cool objects that need to be cooled. It usually increases the surface area of objects that need to be cooled, or speeds up the flow of air through objects per unit of time, or is shared by both methods.

There are still many other aspects of water dispenser haven’t be introduced. If you want to know more, you can visit our website to make a brief understanding about our products.

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