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  • 2021-07-27

How to Clean the Water Dispenser?

As we all know, the things which are used for a long time, then it will need to clean. It’s no doubt that the water dispenser also should be cleaned.

The Reason

Due to the neglect of the daily disinfection work of water dispensers, many public places water dispensers out of the waters may have been “two times pollution.” Therefore, the general household water dispenser use about 3-6 months should be disinfected, and the use of water dispensers in public places is high frequency, disinfection cycle should be shorter. Long-term non-disinfection of water dispensers, even if the replacement of new water, water quality will be polluted on the same day, the number of microorganisms will increase dramatically.

Water dispenser is the use of the principle of air pressure to work, due to the use of air pressure principle of the circulatory system design, water dispensers are used to varying degrees of hose, plastic pipe and other chemical components of the material, coupled with increasingly poor air quality, air acid and alkali coefficient increased, serious oxidation corrosion of the pipe, resulting in the gelatinization of hoses, plastic tubes, Produce white patches that contaminate barrels of water two times.

The Method

Steam Cleaning

The use of instantaneous high temperature to achieve the purpose of sterilization, in the sterilization process hydrolysis and can play a role in degradation of compounds, reduce toxicity, sterilization only 5 seconds, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus cereus, yeast, can effectively kill.

Cleaning steps

  1. Turn off the water dispenser power supply, remove the bucket (at this time the water dispenser has the corresponding memory water); The water dispenser is placed in the cleaning work area, connected to the power supply, turn on the heating switch.
  2. Remove the smart seat, take the grade citric acid 50 grams full dissolution pour into the heating gall repeatedly cycle several times, through the food grade citric acid cleaning soaking inside the tank decomposition heating gall scale residue, soak 5-10 minutes after turning off the water dispenser power supply, and then discharged into the water dispenser residual water.
  3. Enable professional cleaning equipment, the upper water pipe inserted under the smart seat into the water outlet, backwater connected to the water dispenser out of the faucet mouth, open out the faucet, forming a closed high-pressure circulation path.
  4. Synchronous opening of water circulation systems, ozone disinfection system, ultraviolet sterilization system, so that the circulating water into ozone and non-intermittent UV irradiation of the circulating water backwater system sterilization.
  5. Cold, Jes in accordance with the 3rd, 4 steps independently according to the operation, cleaning cycle disinfection for about 5-10 minutes can be.
  6. Open the back or bottom drain of the water dispenser and drain the body’s memory water.
  7. With 150° high temperature and high pressure steam spray gun to the water dispenser fuselage for comprehensive cleaning and high temperature disinfection.
  8. Water dispenser return, put on the bucket.

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