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  • 2021-07-27

he Reasons to Invest in a Water Cooler

Summer is here and the days are getting hotter, which means long days out by the pool or at the seaside, nature walks, sport, hiking those beautiful hillsides and many other physical exploits; it also means a greater chance of dehydration. Dehydration does not just happen when you have not been drinking water for a few days; it can occur in a matter of hours. Even a minimal 2% dehydration can affect your health. While the human body consists of around 70% water, it sheds water in the form of sweat, urination and other normal bodily functions through the day.

This means that we all need to drink water regularly through the day in order to stay dehydrated and healthy. Unfortunately too many individuals do not drink water often enough because they do not like the taste or the smell of tap water, but that is not good enough – we need to make a plan to drink water that is unpolluted and tastes and smells fresh.

Luxury Stainless Steel Water Filter

Hence, why should we invest a water cooler in summer?

\1. A water cooler will help you help save money because you will spend less on purchasing bottled water, carbonated drinks and expensive coffees;

\2. The barreled water is connected to the water dispenser, which has high cost, short expiration date and is more susceptible to secondary pollution.

\3. The use of a straight drinking fountain can effectively filter all kinds of pollutants to meet the standard of raw drinks, and the cost is relatively low.

\4. At the same time, the barreled water has a short storage time and is prone to deterioration. It is open after being connected with the water dispenser and will be polluted by air pollutants, so it is not an ideal drinking water solution.

\5. Straight water dispenser is a purely physical filtration method that can effectively remove various pollutants such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, scale, volatile substances, rust, sediment, etc., and the cost is much lower than that of bottled water. The water has a good mouthfeel and can be directly consumed without boiling, so it is the ideal drinking water solution for the family.


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