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  • 2021-07-27

Today’s office and work environment is almost unrecognizable from a few decades ago. Many people work remotely and often people have co-workers all over the world. Most jobs require a lot of time in front of a computer and many people almost exclusively work in front of a computer. You can see that people just do their work and don’t always chat with the others.

Actually, the digital age has enhanced the work environment, enabled us to be more creative, and increased our freedom and flexibility. However, if you’re not careful, the same technology could hinder your productivity, hurt your employees, and threaten your company.

The Reason

1. Increased Productivity: hysical movement rejuvenates our bodies and minds, gets the blood flowing, and jump starts our brains back into action. Any type of break can be good, but interaction with co-workers is a healthy option that requires a switch from what we were doing and gives our brains something different to focus on for a bit. So encourage your employees to get up regularly, chat around the water cooler, and then get back to being productive.

2. Increased Collaboration: Certain teams and people need to collaborate on particular projects. You need development and IT, project managers, content creators, etc. to contribute and collaborate to build new products and services.But structured meetings and work sessions aren’t the single best method to collaborate. Sometimes random interactions between co-workers are equally effective and relationship-building.

3. Increased Creativity: As part of the increased collaboration between employees, new and creative ideas emerge as well. Planned meetings that put the right people in a room to throw around ideas are useful. But so are unplanned interactions in the hallway or in a casual online chat. Sometimes forced “idea meetings” don’t catch us at our best creative time or are too structured to generate the right ideas.

All in all, a good chat can add the good relationships to each other.


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