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  • 2021-07-27


Mineral water is naturally gushing from the depths of the ground or is artificially exposed, uncontaminated underground mineral water; contains a certain amount of mineral salts, trace elements or carbon dioxide gases; In general, its chemical composition, flow rate, water temperature and other dynamics in the natural fluctuation range of relatively stable. Mineral water is formed in the deep circulation of the stratum and contains the minerals and qualified indexes stipulated by the national standard.

Pure water refers to the non-impurity of the h₂o, referred to as clean water or pure water, is pure, clean, does not contain impurities or bacteria, such as organic pollutants, inorganic salts, any additives and all kinds of impurities, is to meet the sanitary standards of drinking water water for the original water. It is made by electrodialysis method, ion exchanger method, reverse Osmosis method, distillation method and other appropriate processing methods, sealed in the container, and does not contain any additives, colorless and transparent, can be directly consumed.


1.Different Sources: The source of pure water is more diversified, all kinds of natural water may be through a variety of physical and chemical effects, filter out all the impurities, so as to achieve a pure effect, become pure water, it can be said that it is an artificial water to meet the standard of human consumption. Mineral water is often derived from the depths of the mountains, the depths of the underground natural flow of water or more remote uninhabited areas, and the degree of pollution is almost zero, can be directly consumed, that is, a natural water.

2.Different Substances: Pure water in the process of filtration and purification, not only to remove a variety of harmful substances that are not conducive to human health, the water contains trace elements and minerals will also be lost. Mineral water is the opposite, rich in a variety of trace elements and minerals beneficial to the human body, can effectively supplement the body’s lack of nutrients.

3.Different Drinking Methods: Pure water can be directly or heated to drink, suitable for soup tea. Mineral water because of the presence of a variety of trace elements, if heated to boil its nutrients will be lost, or to produce precipitation effects on drinking taste, so mineral water is best to drink directly.

In fact, mineral water and purified water still have the same nature, you should choose the right water for youself.

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