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  • 2021-07-27

As we know water dispenser is a big home appliance, generally it is around 16KG and more than 1meter high. Where can we buy a water dispenser? Several methods are listed as below.

\1. Buying from brand store. If you keen on some brand, you can choose brand store. Usually they will delivery to your home and handle everything well.

\2. Buying from super market. Buying water dispenser from super market is still the choice of most people, such as Costco, Walmart and Carrefour. Find the home appliance area or kitchen appliance area, and then you will find the water dispenser. In this case, you will have many choices and can compare easily.

\3. In some country, there are home appliance street. In this street, you can find many home appliance store and brand store. Pick one and ask them to delivery to your home.

\4. Buying from online. Online shopping is getting more and more popular. China’s Taobao and US’s Amazon are very convenient to buy a water dispenser. And also you can buy from some big brands’ official websites. Buying from websites is easy and cheap. But transportation is a problem. As soon as you receive the machine, you have to check the machine very carefully in case it is damaged by transporting.

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