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  • 2021-07-27

As a matter of fact, water has a relatively high heat capacity or specific heat, that is, it takes quite a bit of heat energy to raise water temperature by any given unit. Thus it can absorb a fair amount of heat energy from air that is being cooled and it can release a fair amount of energy as a hot water bottle compared to most liquid alternatives. The range of temperature from freezing point to boiling point is entirely compatible with these heating and cooling uses. Plus it is completely non toxic, has low corrosivity and is cheap and widely available.

In the other words we can see that after the room is sprinkled, the water will evaporate. Evaporation is a form of water vaporization. Water vaporization is an endothermic process. It absorbs heat to the surroundings. The heat in the air is taken away by the evaporated water, so the temperature of the room is reduce.

When the summer comes, if you want to let your room become cool, there has a tips you can get: After wiping the floor with a wet mop, the fan is turned on to make the surface moisture evaporate and absorb heat. You can also put a basin of cool water in front of the fan, and turn on the fan to evaporate the water to cool the air. This can also reduce the room temperature.

Since the water content (relative humidity) of the hot air is higher than the water capacity (relative humidity) of the cold air, the excess water is squeezed out by the decrease in the water content of the air when the hot air is changed to cold air. Therefore, when the air conditioner is turned on, water will flow out, so that the humidity of the indoor air is relatively low. Therefore, it is useful to put the water in the air-conditioned room. People are most suitable for activities in a space between 23 degrees Celsius and 75 to 85% humidity, while the humidity in air-conditioned rooms is between 35% and 50%. It is dry and puts a basin of water in the air-conditioned room. The relative increase in humidity and the activity of people in air-conditioned rooms are scientifically based.

Hence, you can try to use the water to let your room become cooler in summer.

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